unexplainable strange things – showing you the unseeable

artist notes
unexplainable strange things - pencil drawing on notebook paper

do unexplainable strange things happen in your life? things you cant explain without seeming like a loon? or at least feeling like one?

maybe these happenings seem like coincidences. tiny events that can be explained away with logic or science or whatever. that is, until these tiny events keep happening. 

soon enough, these tiny events start affecting your life in significant ways. ways you cant explain away anymore. un-ignorable yet still unexplainable.

the fisrt strange event

my first happening occurred when i was 7 or 8 years old. an imaginary friend. which was strange considering i was a heavy skeptic as a child. i questioned everything…from god to parental authority to the meaning of life. being purely unsatisfied with any answers i’d ever receive, this skepticism has followed me clean into adulthood. it made no sense to accept this friend the way i did but there was no question in my mind that he was a real presence in my life. 

this was just the first of a series of phenomena. i didnt know it all those years ago that i would be haunted forever by these events. i never thought i’d eventually become fascinated enough to put away my side-eye.

…ignoring the instances never stopped them from happening to me


of course, along the way to today ive let my skepticism get the best of me. however, ignoring the instances never stopped them from happening to me. ive been in denial of it but now its too strong to ignore. today im studying the things that only i can see and am attempting to show you anyway. crazy or not, this is whats real.

to show you the unseen, im arranging my research into field notes. this is similar to how a researcher would handle study of the unfamiliar except im researching unexplainable strange things that only i can see.

showing you the unseen

phenomenology research focuses on unexplainable strange things. under these guidelines, im creating conditions for my experiences such as judgements, perceptions, and emotions. and while being as scientific as possible, im not studying from the perspective of clinical psychology or neurology. instead, im seeking to figure out whats what through systematic reflection. 

so side-eye aside, im exploring an unseen world in terms of its own system of meaning. im dividing my field notes into the following categories (based on my perceived experiences).

descriptive information – factual data that im recording. this includes time and date. it includes the physical setting and social environment. this also includes descriptions of the beings im studying, their roles in the setting, and the impact im making on the environment:

  • rituals (spirit’s intentional action)
  • tools (open pathways for spirit’s voice)
  • abilities (interacting with spirit world)
  • symbols (spirit’s language)
  • beings (messengers from spirit world)
  • places (reoccurring dream locations)

these field notes include sketches, diagrams, and other drawings. they require me to give more attention to detail so i dont overlook anything.

reflective information

these are my ideas, questions, concerns, and other related thoughts about the things i encounter. im filing these under artist notes like the one youre reading now.

strange adventures await. and on that note, im off to meditate. curious enough to ask a question? you can contact me or ask in the comments section below 👍

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