spirit guide or imaginary friend? – water’s first appearance

pine wood wall paneling

how long ive actually known Water? I cant say for sure. As a true spirit guide, probably much longer than my current lifetime. but maybe hes just an imaginary friend…

he appeared suddenly. 

the no-name being appeared near the end of the first decade of my life. there was a lot to overcome for a young girl. continuous sexual abuse marks a highlight in my memories. and the violence between my parents is right up there too.

but Water brings positive memories and unconditional acceptance. something i couldnt find anywhere else in my world.

imaginary friend or spirit guide?

his presence untangled my emotions and thoughts. his inspiring charm swept me into his world. it was simple. it was fun. i’d go with him wherever he’d take me.

but it wasnt his looks that turned me into a mangled mess of an 8 year old girl. Water had no appearance. He had a presence. His aura always popping up in the livingroom. He presented himself as a face materialized in the pine knot markings of the wall. 

Water had features of an imaginary friend. yet, he was somehow more than that. i could never pretend to be is girlfriend like the boys in the books.

Water just wasnt like that. he showed me things. he lead me to mystery. he was building up to something. he was like a teacher, but my age. he was more like a guide. what i now know as a spirit guide.

as a young skeptic, i was nearly driven mad. questions piled up about this mysterious boy…

“why cant i see you?”

“why dont you come all the way here?”

“what is this place we keep meeting in?”

i was aware i didnt know him his name. it didnt seem necessary at the the time. he seemed familiar. it would be much later in life i find out his name.

a strange connection

his presence reminded me of a friend. one youve known for a long time. one that you rarely speak to because you dont need to.

and i rarely spoke to him out loud. only when he surprised me by flying or when he did something super silly to make me laugh. i knew i didnt have to speak out loud. we had an internal language that needed no translation.

in this first decade of my life i learned the two most important lessons i’d ever learn towards my spiritual growth. by playing with Water. i learned how to crossover into the “inbetween”. i learned how to walk there and leave when ready.

so basically, these two exercises have served as a foundation that i have been building on ever since.

have you ever had any connections like this as a child or anytime in your life? your experiences help make my notes more inclusive and well rounded. id love to read about it below:

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